Biotech Lab
We have separate hi-tech, fully automated and upgraded Labs for Biotechnology and Life Science courses.We have a seperate Plant Tissue Culture Lab with all essential equipment. The students get independent attention during practical work.
Chemistry Lab
We have a well developed Biochemistry Lab. Our state of the art Chemistry Lab is well facilitated on 1100 sq. ft. area with sufficient and convenient working space for each student with latest equipment & safety precautions. It allows students to practice all the experiments in accordance with the syllabus.

Computer Lab
The institute has three air conditioned computer Labs. It has fast, reliable and rugged computer network of more than 100 nodes. The facilities in computer Labs have the latest equipment:
a) IBM servers, IBM Pentium-IV & Lenovo I-3 Processor machines with Multimedia Kits, Laser Printer, Inkjet Printers, Scanners &DVD-writers etc.
b) Unix, Linux, Novell Network & Windows 2000 family.
c) WIFI Campus
IT Lab
Cyber Proficiency is the oxygen of the present and is omnipresent in all spheres of life. To promote the concept of e-learning, we have subscribed broad band to ensure free access to internet to our students. They can avail vast collection of CDs and online subscription of magazines with 5 year archives.

Physics Lab
We have well developed Physics Lab with latest equipment needed to carry out practical works. We are currently working to improve every aspect of our Physics Lab by purchasing new equipment, creating new & exciting Lab and producing a more consistent laboratory experience