1. Students admitted to the course shall not be allowed to join any other course of study or appear in any other examination.
  2. Admission of the program me shall be on merit, determined on the basis of marks obtained in the previous examination.
  3. BBA, BCA Courses consist of two semesters per year in 3 year degree program. The University examination conducted at the end of each semester. While B.Com & B.Sc. has been conducted in the yearly pattern in which University examination held at the end of each year.
  4. 75% attendance is compulsory for appearing in the examination, failed in which student will be debarred from taking the final exam.
  5. BBA, BCA Courses provided that if a candidate failed in any of the paper in one semester examination, she will be promoted to the next semester.
  6. A candidate failed in one paper of any semester will be eligible to appear in the examination of the paper in which she has been failed along with the examination of the semester concerned.
  7. Candidates will have to pass separately in the University examination and Internal assessment. If a candidate failed in internal assessment of even one paper she will not be permitted to take the University examination of that semester. She shall be required to repeat the course.
  8. B.Com, B.Sc. provided that if a candidate fails in any two papers in one year examination then she will not be promoted to the next year.
  9. For passing each year examination of B.Com. and B.Sc. the students will be required to secure 33% marks in internal assessment and 33% in each paper of University examination.
  10. For passing each semester examination of BBA and BCA, the students will be required to secure 40% marks in internal assessment and external assessment with 50% overall aggregate in each semester of University examination.
  11. Each course would be evaluated internally as per University norms.
  12. External assessment would be based upon performance of the candidate in written and practical examination to be conducted at the end of each semester/year.
  13. The Institute reserves the rights to change the specifications without any previous notice.
  14. Uniform is strictly compulsory for every student from Monday to Friday. Students will be fined in case of any irregularity and if required, they would be given transfer certificate (T.C.).